Unconditionally part of me


Oooh you’re an angel
In disguise, i can see it in your eyes
Walking down a crowded avenue
Other faces seem like nothing next to you
And i can’t hear the traffic rushing by
Just the pounding of my heart and that’s why
You’re an angel
You’re an angel, baby


Photo by joys Cuttita

  • Dress : GLITTER – HEAVENLY Fitmesh gown NO WINGS – Ciel  @Swank event
  • Wings: GLITTER – HEAVENLY Mesh WINGS – Ciel   @Swank event
  • Bench : .:Tm:. “Delicate” Bench S12 EXCLUSIVE April SWANK  @Swank event
  • Pose : GLITTER Poses – Sunlight Set and JUST MARRIED @Swank event

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